Review Review is one of the online editing services that are based in Atlanta Ga. It is owned by Sameera Gokal who is a practicing journalist who specializes in print and broadcast. She currently works as a TV News Reporter for Bridges TV. She also has worked for CNN as a Satellite News Logger and WSB – TV Channel 2 as a production assistant in the past. Sameera graduated with a master of arts in journalism and master’s communication from Point Park University in Pittsburgh PA. She completed her Bachelor of Arts n Islamic Studies at Agnes Scott College for women in Atlanta FA. Sameera has shown a dedication to her community, having committed many years of volunteer work. She is currently a member of the Communication and Publication Board as well as a Writer/Copy Editor for the Ismaili Web site.

Premiere Editing dot com Editors

The editors of Premiere Editing are all qualified and experienced. You can learn more about all of them below:

  • Sameera Gokal – A practicing journalist specializing in print and broadcast. She has over 10 years of experience in writing and editing for a variety of news mediums.
  • Ken Fibbe – Ken holds a Masters of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a young and upcoming photographer, writer and videographer. He currently writes news articles and columns. Ken prides himself in being as proficient in writing as he is in digital media production and editing.
  • Daveen Rae Kurutz – Daveen has been writing professionally since 2004. She has written for both local and community newspapers and major metropolitan newspapers in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Her other duties have including serving as a copy editor, photographer, and videographer.
  • Bridget Benjamin – As a freelance producer, writer and editor, Bridget Benjamin combines her creativity and technical skills to produce and edit quality content. For the past six years, she has been consistently shooting, writing, editing and producing media across several digital platforms.
  • Megan Stevick – Megan has many years of experience writing and editing for television, radio and the web. She prides herself on her creative writing style. She holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from attending Point Park.
  • Lejla Marijam – With many years of experience in writing and editing Lejla currently works as a TA at the University of Georgia.
  • Jennifer Weaver-Spencer – Jennifer has worked as an editor and project manager since 1997.

Premiere Editing Special Features

Premiere Editing differs from other professional editing services due to the fact that all of their editors hold degrees and they share background information on them so you can be 100% sure professionals are handling your work. Reviews Found reviews indicate that there is no scam or fraud taking place within this online editing service. However, no one has discussed whether or not they received any type of discount.