HocksEditingServices.com Review

HocksEditingServices.com is one of the top editing services that provide online editing services at affordable rates for independent authors, websites, and businesses. This was something that the owner started as a part time hobby yet it has not turned into a full time passion for him. He has been an avid reader for many years, and his undergraduate studies in computer engineering at Virginia Tech prepared him to be able to focus on technicalities and to note discrepancies.

Hocks philosophy of proofreading and editing is that the proofreader or editor should be hidden in the background. He is not a ghostwriter, so he avoids putting his personal preferences into the author’s story. However, what Hock does do is provide feedback that will help ensure and improve the consistency, correctness, and strength of the author’s creation. He views his job as helping the author to bring out the best, most well-written story possible. In short, he views himself as a guide along the journey of creation.

Hock uses Microsoft Word 2013 to review and edit documents, using the tracking and comments features to offer transparency to the author. This allows the power of the final product to lie in the hands of the author. The author has the option to review every individual change and approve or reject it. Hock also provides ongoing support by answering any questions the author may have about the changes and suggestions that were made or the reasoning behind them, even if it is weeks or months after the project has been completed.

Hocks Editing Services dot com Editors

Hocks Editing Services dot com consists of one editor who is Hock. So, you can be confident knowing that the person who is going to be providing you with editing services is a professional who has experience under their belt.

Hocks Editing Services Special Features

The special thing about Hocks Editing Services is this is run by one individual who has the credential needed to offer book editing services.

HocksEditingServices.com Reviews Found

HocksEditingServices.com reviews could not be found. However, he does have a following on Google Plus and no one has mentioned anything about any HocksEditingServices.com scam or HocksEditingServices.com fraud. But, at the same time it is unverified as to whether or not there is an HocksEditingServices.com discount available.