Review Review is one of the professional editing services that believe four eyes are better than two. They have been providing online editing services since 1994 and their writers and editors have been able to create and proofread more than 200,000 documents for clients worldwide. Unlike services whose freelance merely proofread and tweak your words, has a professional editing team assigned to thoroughly review, edit, and improve every client’s text to perfection. After their first pair of eyes spends hours editing your work, a chief editor is then available for additional time re-reviewing it to make sure that you are satisfied and your expectations have been exceeded.

First Editing dot com Editors

First Editing dot com editors are professional editors who have been contracted by First Editing dot com and have advanced degrees, extensive experience in writing and editing, and a history of successfully published books and articles. First Editing dot com is confident enough in their work to even offer free professional editing samples to anyone who contacts them wanting to see what can be expected from the editors at First Editing dot com.

First Editing Special Features

First Editing can provide their customers with book editing services, dissertation editing services, copy editing services, manuscript editing services, personal statement editing services, and a whole lot more. Once you submit your request for their online editing services one of their professional editors will be matched to you to provide you with a fast and free quote. Reviews Found reviews indicate that this online editing service is 100% legit. There have been no allegations to date about any type of scam or fraud taking place within this professional editing service. However, none of their customers have included in their editing services reviews whether or not they received any type of First Editing dot com discount when they placed and order with them for their professional editing services. So, the only way you are going to find out about that is when you contact them for your fast and free quote.