Editage.com Review

Editage.com is one of the online editing services that is a brand of Cactus Communications. They were founded in April 2002 and have not been labeled as an Editage.com scam or Editage.com fraud since they have been providing various editing services. They are a leading provider of specialist English language and communication solutions to authors, journals, publishers, and corporations worldwide. At Editage.com, everything they do, they want to accelerate the development of global scientific research, by helping science break through the confines of geography and language. To this end, Editage.com partners with academic and pharmaceutical communities worldwide and leverages the expertise of 1400+ professionals to create compelling, high quality scientific communications.

Editage dot com Editors

Editage dot com editors are comprised of peer reviewers, journal editors, publication specialists, and professional editors with specialized backgrounds and work experience. Of the approximately 1,000 BELS certified editors across the world, 57 are associated with Editage dot com. Drawing on the expertise within Editage dot com editing centers of excellence and publication experts panel, Editage dot com is able to ensure the delivery of superior editorial output across 550 disciplines.

Editage Special Features

Editage has a ton of special features that comes along with their professional editing services. They have different Editage discounts available for their customers depending on the size of their order. Additionally, they have three different editing packages for customers to choose from. So, you are sure to be able to find the perfect package that not only meets your needs but meets your budget as well when you decide to do business with Editage.

Editage.com Reviews Found

Editage.com reviews that could be found on their website and on editing services reviews websites indicate that Editage.com is one of the best editing services that is available on the web today. If you are in need of online editing services this is definitely one of the professional editing services that you are going to want to consider.